Shaping a sustainable future

Freya wholeheartedly believes that the key to a clean and prosperous future lies in sustainable energy. Clean energy for all opens the door to easier innovations in technology and access to better living for everyone.

From Idea to COD

With a close eye on the market, constant scouting and reimagining of abandoned projects, Freya can always be counted on to put together the proper technical, legal and political solution for a viable service, and therefore project.

Investors Linkage

Despite the slow movements economically for the Philippines in the past few years, as a recognized and reputable stakeholder in the renewable market of the country, Freya has remained the focal point of several local and international investors.

Problem Solving

Freya’s adaptability and strong problem-solving mindset is perhaps our most valuable asset. Working with tenacity, creativity and a large bubble of contacts, we have been able to untangle any kind of situation that has put a project on hold.

Freya, in partnership with Acciona Energía, one of the world’s largest 100% renewable energy companies, forms a formidable alliance that allows us to emphasize our commitment to bringing better solutions throughout the country.

Leading the change towards sustainable living

At Freya, our legacy is to leave behind a better world where renewable energy and green practices are seamlessly integrated into every aspect of modern living. Our vision revolves around a circular method, with our advocacy for environmental stewardship at its very core.

We are committed to pioneering change through innovative solutions that redefine the landscape of renewable energy, sustainable property development, and projects directly aligned with the principles of sustainability.